Using Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Before starting any Search Engine Optimization campaign, it is necessary to do a good keyword research.

As a part of our marketing services we also provide “Keyword research” for particular business and find the most common search phrases that are used by people when searching for products related to the concerned business. These results are then used in optimizing the website using Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Targeting Main Keywords

It does not pay to have a website brimming with knowledge and information pertaining to a specific field but no way for people to search for it. The process of getting a website online and accessible via a search engine starts with key word research. One must always know what a targeted visitor would want the information in the site for and how would he phrase it. Starting with the wrong keywords could badly influence your rating and incoming traffic which in-turn will reflect on your financials. It does not always pay to spend too much time on advertising and content enrichment but, it always pays to have a good keyword research phase before or after the website is launched. Website owners suffering from low search engine referrals could always go back to the drawing board and get the help of a good keyword researcher to increase their traffic.
We provide a professional keyword research process based on a step by step process. This might seem an easy task but actually isn’t. The process of research is not a one-for-all application but rather needs to be adapted to the nature of the website and its competition with a keen understanding of the desired customer base.


Keyword Research

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Google Analytics

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Strategic Analysis

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Online and Internet Marketing

While SEO helps in getting traffic from the search engine side, online marketing uses techniques that help in getting traffic from other websites through banners and ad’s placed in strategic locations so as to catch the eyes of future customers. Online or Internet Marketing has evolved into a science which combines sales and marketing with psychology. Using quality banners and ad’s on other websites related to your business helps in getting traffic to your site and if the web site is well designed and the service or product that you offer is good then the traffic increases. Online marketing also includes dropping links to a site on blogs and forums for access directly from that place.