About Us

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A little bit about our company

Software Development Company

We are an IT solutions provider company which provides services in a variety of ways relating to Software Development, Web Development and Website Designing and Maintenance. Our business is based in the USA with a few regional offices in South Asia and Europe. We promise high quality along with User Friendly interfaces and easily learnable routines. All our services are custom made and there is no set price for a particular service. Please visit the “request a quote” section to get a quote for your specific order.

Konect Solutions hunts talent across the globe. Our online presence helps bringing together professionals from all corners of the world to deliver unmatched performance through our online platforms. Collaboration and teamwork are the two core values at Konect Solutions which help us in achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide top notch software design and development services to businesses wanted to increase their presence and market share in the exponentially growing world of Web or want to automate their business processes thus eliminating the tedious conventional business techniques. We can provide you with:

  • Reliable, Quality and affordable Software Product Design and Development
  • Experienced and Adept consultant to provide high quality on the spot consultancy to boost your business

Round the Clock Service

compassOur experts are spread around the world to provide round the clock support and services.


parcelOur Software delivery system is very secure. You have control over each and every process from demand to delivery.