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Search Engine Optimization

A website is not just a collection of images and graphics scattered around useful content but rather the first front that helps create the image of our customers in the minds of the visitors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of using techniques that improve the probability of the website coming up in related searches near the top of the list. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and newly introduced BING uses algorithms that go through the web sites and create a list of key words that are concerned with the that web site. These key words determine if that particular site will show up in the results of a search or not. Typically the higher the number of relevant words between the website and the search the better the chance of making it higher up in the search results.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Search Engine Optimization involves various different techniques; it is not just building a website and submitting it to search engines. It is about carefully building links, writing fresh content for your website daily, optimization of each and every web page for different keywords, making clean coded website with easy navigation and many more things because search engine optimization is a very vast field. We have experts who have helped dozens of our customers reach out at the top of one of the most difficult and competitive keywords.

Search Engine Optimization Methods

Below is few of the methods we do for our customers

  • Research on the keywords and keyphrases
  • Market Research of the competitor's website
  • On Page Optimization
  • Different Link Building Methods(Detailed Report)
  • Reporting of the change in ranking every week

Search Engine Friendly Website

While developing a website we make sure that we make a sitemap in XML so that search engines could use this data to index the site into their records. This is one of the methods that help in getting into top spots in the search results and crawl all your pages. But more important in employing effective SEO techniques during the designing and developing stage of the website to make it search engine friendly. We offer our services to existing web sites in redesigning them in such a way as to acheive the top position and get the maximum amount of hits from search engines in relevant searches.

Keyword Research

compassKeyword Research Techniques.Keyword Research.

Pay Per Click Management

compassHelping you to receive from hits by using PPC Management .Pay Per Click.

Google Analytics

compassIncreasing your website traffic using google analytics.Google Analytics.

Strategic Analysis

compassProviding expert for strategic analysis of your websites.Strategic Analysis.

Internet Marketing

compassInternet marketing tips and unique services.Internet Marketing.

Affliate Marketing

compassIncreasing your website traffic through affliate marketing.Affliate Marketing.

Email Marketing

compassSending your product to even vast audience through email marketing .Email Marketing.

Social Media Marketing

compassUsing the power of social networks to increase your website traffic and product visibility .Social Media Marketing.