E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

eCommerce helping setting up your shopping cart and online businesses

We also help in setting up online business stores and e-commerce sites using Zen Cart, osCommerce and Magento. All of these open source software use PHP and MySQL with basically some architectural differences in their structure. These both have many useful features for managing an online store and are being used successfully on many websites. Another of our specialties is Magento, for which we provide installation and integration help together with setting up the business, if we are required to. Setting up ecommerce sites is a specialty of ours and we would like to help you setup your online business with out any difficulties. We always make sure that you get SSL Encryption to make safe transactions with your customer and provide professional advice wherever we think any adjustment is needed. We could also maintain your site for you and you could just provide the products and feedback.  

Contact us if you need help in any of the above services.

Custom Software Developement

custom software development sercvicsOur large pool of developers are here to help you develope your custom software application.Custom Software Development

Mobile Software Developement

compassDeveloping Mobile applications in latest platforms. Any smartphone or mobile. .Mobile Software Development

Application Deployment

Application DeploymentWe provide assitance in the deployment of your product any where in the world.Application Deployment

Database Development

database development database designing database managementIt includes database designing, developing and managing in any programming languages.Database Development


Software Development Platform

The platforms that we have expertise in are:

  • PHP, a server-side scripting language, which provides a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. PHP is an extensively used, open source, and proficient language that runs on different platforms, like Windows, Linux, UNIX, etc.
  • .Net Framework, a software framework that woks efficiently with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. It is programming model for developing applications that can possess have visually eye-catching interfaces, and uses effective libraries that manipulate data-oriented applications shared across multiple applications and platforms.
  • Java, an object oriented programming language, whose main characteristic is its portability. Java runtime environment (JRE) is a very commonly used application for java applications which enable their usage in standalone environment.
  • Microsoft’s ASP.NET is a free of charge technology that permits programmers to construct dynamic web applications. ASP.NET is a multi-purpose language, it can be used to create anything from small scale, individual websites as well as large, enterprise web applications.
  • AJAX, based on JavaScript and HTTP requests, is not a novel programming language, rather an innovative way to implement existing standards, for developing improved, faster, and more interactive web applications.
  • Cold Fusion is an application server and scripting language used for Internet application development, it facilitates programmers to develop dynamic web-pages backed by database back-ends.

Upon availing our services, we ensure to guide your project in the right direction upon a solid platform and provide you with the fully functional and effective software, for we strive to deliver the BEST.