Mobile Software Development and Design

Mobile Software Development

KonectSolutions is a full- fledged mobile software development & consultation company pushing the boundaries of mobile software technology. With our vast experience in Client based applications, we offer the best software for all types of Smartphone and Symbian Applications.

Mobile software developers encounter the challenge of bringing forward progressively new products that are even more multifaceted, faster but essentially at a much lower cost while preserving superiority in the field of reliability and performance.

Here at KonectSolutions, we have a well-built reputation for developing mobile devices software applications. We have expertise in developing applications for international organizations that integrate our software applications into their merchandise, thus promoting them under their company or brand name. The first-rate and up-to-date expertise of programming tools and technologies enable us to develop strong, bug-free applications with online and offline functionality, with attractive graphics and user-friendly interactive controls.

In cellular field, we have programming expertise in

  • Windows CE
  • Windows Mobile
  • .NET Compact Framework
  • Symbian
  • J2ME
  • Brew
  • BlackBerry OS
  • IPhone
  • Andriod
Custom Software Developement

custom software development sercvicsOur large pool of developers are here to help you develope your custom software application.Custom Software Development

Mobile Software Developement

compassDeveloping Mobile applications in latest platforms. All the mobile Softwares.Mobile Software Development

Application Deployment

Application DeploymentNeed assistance in your application deployment! You have came to the right place..Application Deployment

Database Development

database development database designing database managementOpt for KonectSolutions when you need experts help in designing and managing your databases .Database Development

We have expertise in programming software for functionalities like.

  • Client applications, that facilitate online and offline functionality and synchronization with server applications through web service interfaces
  • Client application, that facilitate HTTP communication, graphics, device control, parental control, spam filtering and a wide range of utilities software for Symbian compatible phones.
  • Client software, for Internet communication, graphics, sound and a wide range of utilities software for J2ME compatible phones
  • Client software for utilitarian access phone book and online games
  • Almost all the applications of the latest smartphones like G1 Android, IPhone,BlackBerry,Nokia,HTC etc.