Website Launching

Website Launching

Website Launching with the help of our expert through proven industry standards.

Website launching is a tedious job and could get even more difficult than the development phase of the site. That is why we provide this service to those who want to launch their websites without the usual hiccups in the launching process. We help our customers every step of the way from choosing a domain name to that of selecting the right package for their website. Let us take a step by step look at what the launching process entails and what services do we offer along the way.

Website Launching Process

The first step is having a website that is properly tested and which conforms to the needs of the customer perfectly. We provide custom web designing services just for this purpose.

The second step is to select a great domain name which portrays the business in the best possible manner and also is connected to the business that the website is concerned with. We help our customers in selecting the most suitable domain name with an eye over all the factors that differentiate a great domain name from a normal one. Some of these factors are: easy remembered names, most important business phrase and an ability of growth with the business. (Lowery)

The third step is getting a web host for the web site and we help our customer in evaluating the different choices available in the market with their needs. It is far better to have a web host which is a bit expensive but gives support and has good reputation than one which does not offer any kind of support or extra facilities. Also after having been in the business for some time we have learned that it is beneficial to have a larger web space than one required for the current web site so that it could accommodate future growth in the company because one never knows when the company might want to go for a new product or an online store project. For ecommerce sites it is a must to have a host that gives access to SSL Encryption for secure online transactions and allows common scripting languages. Some of the factors that we consider while choosing for a suitable host include:

Website Design

compassWebsite Designing in a cost effective way. Website Design .

Website Making

compassWebsite Making in a Professional way.Website Making.

Website Maintenance

compassProviding expert maintainance for already establised websites.Website Maintenance.

Logo Designing

compassProfessional logo designing service.Logo Designing.

Business Card Designing

compassProfessional Business Card Designing.Business Card Designing .

Website Hosting

compassAffordable Website Hosting .Website Hosting.


Website Launching Final Step

It is our belief that investing time and effort at this stage of launching a web site saves a lot of nail biting in the future and we are always willing to go the extra mile for a customer to save them trouble in the future.

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