Airline Reservation Portal

Airline Reservation Portal

Airline Reservation Portals has helped airlines to exploit the vast online market of airline passengers

Konect Solutions is phenomenal in a sense that it is your home to all your technological needs. It is one platter which offers you a large variety of services. Another service that we provide you is the creation of airline reservation portals. Through this step, we have not only broadened our customer base but have also succeeded in creating a prototype portal for one of the largest and most functional industry of the world. Our custom air reservation portal has payment engines, SSL and Verisign DDES security features, which incorporate their own built in engine and will allow customers to place reservation for services online.

Airline Reservation Portal Feature

Some of the features of our Airline Reservation and Management Portal are as follows

  • Online Book of seats
  • Graphical Interface of the available seats
  • Realtime updating of the reserved seats
  • Secure Credit Card Payments
  • Administrative Panel with Content Management System for the Airline Website
  • Monitoring and Management of all the sales and reservation done online
  • Payment in Local Currency
  • Use of latest platforms and tools

Contact us now for the custom made airline reservation portal for your airline.

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