Web Programming and Web Applications

Web Programming

In any business web applications plays an important part, and with current IT boom anyone can design a website. Nevertheless; not everybody can conceive and design a website that has the ability to make you money.

Being an internet based entity itself, the developers of Konect Solutions understand that a company’s website is the most accessible and fast source of latest and accurate information for its customers and partners. Not only that, it is also a platform for advertising its merchandise or products and services, a perfect place for promotion and sale of its goods.

As a web development company, our professional developers have power and understanding to create, commence and sustain a website of any density and scalability. We offer our customers a whole range of highly recommended development procedures. With the profound know- how of our experienced web developers, we offer you the best services possible.

PHP Mysql

At Konect Solutions, accuracy of data is of most importance and for this purpose PHP filters are used to authenticate and sort out data coming from insecure sources. PHP and MySQL are together used to create clean and faster web programming. As both are opensource they help us cut cost in providing an affordable solution to our customers. With PHP MySQL, the databases developed are highly reliable and easily updated, using MySQL’s autoincrement and PHPMyAdmin libraries.

ASP script

We understand at KONECT SOLUTIONS. that with rapidly emerging new programming tools, ASP is a powerful means for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. It is utilized by us for dynamic edition, updating, or addition of any content of Web page being developed for you, thus, minimizing its cost and also implementable in a small amount of time. It is also preferred by our engineers when privacy of content and network traffic are to be taken into consideration.

Clean and SEO friendly Web Porgramming

Web programing serves as a backbone of any web project. Our Expert Web Programmers are commited in providing you clean SEO friendly codes,whether it be backend or frond end.

  • Adding Application to you existing website
  • SEO Friendly Programming
  • AJAX PHP MySQL J2EE Perl and other languages
  • Efficient use of open source products and coding policies

You will find KonectSolutions products excelling all others. Our websites provide functionality due to their superior programming techniques, as well as, are better looking! Contact us for a free quote on your project.

Content Management Systems

custom software development sercvicsHelping you built a website using latest Content Management Systems .Content Management Systems

Web Portal

compassEasily manage your website and product using user friendly web portal.Web Portal

Airline Reservation Portal

Application DeploymentProvide your Airline customer with easy online web interface .Airline Reservation Portal

Hotel Reservation Portal

database development database designing database managementProviding hotel reservation and management portal to the leading hotels all over the world.Hotel Reservation Portal