IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

KonectSolution offers you its services regarding the project feasibility studies and risk analysis, requirements analysis and specification, development evaluation and selection of software and IT related products and services.

KonectSolutions is different from other software developing companies because we care about you and your work. Thus, to show you our care and concern, we offer you expert consulting services not only relating to your problem and its solution but about its perfection through several methods such as SAP consulting, engineering consulting, outsourcing, forecasting, thorough and timely researches and marketing analysis. These methods allow us to increase the effectiveness of your work, updating of your information and data bank, finding pocket-friendly estimates and budgets for you, and increasing the overall profitability and productivity of your business.

As we understand the importance of software consultancy, therefore, this service is provided at the outset of every project to present a solid base of perceptiveness for our customers. Use our contact page to get a custom quote for your solutions

Content Management Systems

custom software development sercvicsManaging your content online for more visiblity and profit. Content Management Systems

Web Portal

compassIntegrating your office work and management into a web portal with user-friendly interface.Web Portal

Airline Reservation Portal

Application DeploymentMaking web portal for the world's most fast and active industry.Airline Reservation Portal

Hotel Reservation Portal

database development database designing database managementTaking your hotel management online and making it more profitable..Hotel Reservation Portal